Thursday, October 20, 2011

Third and Final Campaign Challenge Story

     Pepper yawns, bored with book she’s been reading. A fly skittering by on an ocean breeze is blown off course and frantically tries to backpedal as he sails into the cavern of her mouth. Pepper’s moment of contentment ceases as she jerks up, hacking, tears streaming down her cheeks as she tries to spit the fly into the next county.

     Just then, Eddie, the cabana boy Pepper’s had the hots for all summer hears hacking and looks up from his surfing magazine. He drops his magazine and prances over the hot sand like a prima ballerina, racing to Pepper’s aid.

     "Pepper!" he yells, pounding on her back. "Pepper! Are you okay?"
     Pepper’s eyes roll around as she keeps trying to inhale and spit at the same time. She wheezes just like she did the time she was five and fell off the bed and landed on the floor, flat on her back.

     Meanwhile, the fly, having battled tongue, teeth and saliva, crawls his way toward the light. One more hack and Pepper and the fly finally part ways. The fly flies crookedly away, convinced he’s been saved for a higher purpose.

     "Pepper!" Eddie yells into Pepper’s ear again.

     A long, drawn-out breath and Pepper realizes she can breath again. She shoves Eddie.

     "Did ya have to beat my back, Eddie? I’m gonna be all bruised."

     "Aww, Pepper. You shouldn’t sit so close to those smelly trash cans. Can’t you smell ‘em? Those flies tacise all around here."

     "What? Tacise?"

     "Yeah. They love the wastopaneer at the hot dog stand. I see tons of flies there all the time." Pepper, crinkles her nose as she finally smells the trash and smiles at Eddie. "You saved me!"

     Eddie looks at Pepper as if he’d never seen her before, "Uh huh. Totally synbatec!"

     End of the story! Hope you liked it! It needed to be 300 words or less and have the following: It's morning; the man/woman or both are at the beach; the main character is bored; something smells behind her; and something surprising happens. It also could contain the totally made up words of "tacise," "wastopaneer," and "synbatec." If you'd like to vote for the story (and anyone can vote!) please follow this LINK and vote for number 75. Thanks!!


  1. Your setting and imagery has such a fun and humorous undertone. Got to love a girl named Pepper! Once again, great job, Ruth! :)

  2. Great job! It was nice to read a funny one. And I loved the name Pepper.

  3. Loved it Ruth! I voted. Love Pepper's name, too. Poor fly. Lol

  4. Aww cute!! Love it! Very cute story and I love the name Pepper as well :)

    I'm entry #5

  5. I've had a fly, fly into my mouth. So gross, I gagged just reading about it. Bad memories.

    Great story!

  6. Great story! I love the name Pepper as well! Good job :D

    I'm entry #69 :)

  7. I really enjoyed this -- especially, for some reason, "The fly flies crookedly away, convinced he’s been saved for a higher purpose." That really tickled several funny bones for me.

    Well done. (When I was a kid, there was a doll named Pepper. Tammy's younger sister. So that brought back memories. As others have said, cool name.)

  8. Love the line about Eddie prancing over the hot sand like a prima ballerina. Wonderfully creative entry. (PS Hope your cats have recovered!)

  9. Not too promising when the boy you are crushing on prances like a ballerina! Mine is #56

  10. Completely admire that you went for it! I think its an awesome story! Good Luck!

  11. Aloha Ruth,

    I too was tickled by the fly who was saved and sense you might have a germ of an idea there... what happened to the fly who flew?

    Anyhow, it made me smile and yup, I'm also in the "I like Pepper" gang... but my wife and I are having another boy, so that won't work!

    Write well, and aloha!

  12. Love it! That poor fly! I hope it really is synbatec for these two [g]

  13. Very nice use of those words! That dreaded fly! Lol! ; )

  14. Death to all flies! So fun and I love the name Pepper :)

  15. Fantastic! Although, I swallowed a fly once and now I'm having traumatic flashbacks... Great job! :)
    Mine is #25

  16. Love the name Pepper and the light, humorous tone you have used. Well done!

  17. This was a fun, humorous read. Great job with the words.