Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Watch This Space!

     Okay, I don't mean literally. I think your eyes would get awful tired. But I do have some exciting news and am going to have a fantastic 2012. The booklet I wrote for the Historic Hartman House has been selling hand over foot and has had some great reviews - even from family members who would actually know if I've flubbed something or not and would not hesitate to let me know! So, I've moved on to finalize the next project on my list... "Betty Tales."

     My cat Betty, is a wild bundle of black fur and green eyes who happens to be disabled. I join a friend for walks several times a week and after a year of me sharing stories about the latest crazy thing Ms. Betty did, the friend suggested I write a children's book about the antics of the little princess. My friend teaches writing to third graders and thought it would be a great way to teach children about disabilities. Never one to turn down a creative idea if it's jumping up and down and waving in front of my face, I wrote the story.

     My part of the book was finished in draft about a month ago and received a detailed critique from the members of The Magnificent Mensa Scribes. It's now been polished up to a nice shine. The next step was to find an illustrator.

     The same friend who got me into this mess, umm.... suggested I write this book, happened to know a young woman with tremendous talent whose fingers were itching to illustrate a project just like this! We met. We clicked. She's working on drawings as I type and I'm looking forward to seeing the preliminary sketches in a week or so.

     Bottom line is that the book is expected to be finished by the end of the year. We're planning to self-publish it in e-book and hard copy in January, 2012.

     Next week, I'll go back to my little history geek niche and write something about Florida, but I had to share this news and I hope that you, my friends and faithful readers, will celebrate with me at the end of January.

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