Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Walking in West Palm

           Saturday, October 13, 2012, I took part in the Worldwide Photowalk. I’d never heard of it before, but my friend, Karen Bain, suggested I meet her and give it a try. We signed up for the West Palm Beach Downtown walk which took us east on Clematis Street from the West Palm Beach Library toward Flagler Avenue. Then south to Royal Palm Bridge and over into Palm Beach where we circled around to the south coming back via Worth Avenue.

           I have to admit by the end I was no longer sure if my feet were attached to my legs. But, walking with about thirty other photographers—amateur to professional—and knowing that we were only a few out of 31,914 participants in 1,339 cities around the world made me want to see the pictures everyone took. There are also prizes for the best pictures. At end of the West Palm Beach Downtown walk, our walk leader, Mike Niles, ordered pizza for all our aching bodies after we crawled off the street and into Grimaldi's. Funny, didn't seem like there was enough ice water for the table no matter how many pitchers the waiter brought...

           If you are the least bit inclined, head over to the Worldwide Photowalk website and sign up to be notified of next year’s events.  I’m not going to write another word on it, but I’m going to leave you with some pictures of my West Palm Beach and Palm Beach. If my words haven’t convinced you how much I love the place I call home, the pictures might.

Once upon a time, this was Woolworth's. You could spend hours looking at the inexpensive toys, then dine on the world's best grilled hot dog in a booth by the front window.

On this grass once stood the West Palm Beach Public Library. We loved the building as kids--it was large and quiet. When we couldn't find the book we needed for a school report, this is where it was hidden. With the building gone (and the library moved further west on Clematis) you can see all the way to Lake Worth (the lake, not the city) from the eastern end of Clematis Street.

Sculpture at The Society of the Four Arts on Palm Beach. The gardens have been thriving since 1938. 

The Daily News Building at 204 Brazilian Avenue. Built in 1925, it served as the offices of the Palm Beach Daily News until 1974. Now on the National Register of Historic Places.

The West Palm Beach skyline from the Royal Palm Bridge. When West Palm was new, the cement sea walls you can barely see along the shore didn't exist.

What do you say? Anyone interested in checking it out next year?


  1. I just now saw this.. How cool.

  2. Hi Mike! Glad you liked the posting! I'm looking forward to this year's photowalk, but I can guarantee you, I'm getting a pair of hiking boots for this one!